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Gabrielle Friedman
Boulder Play Therapy, LLC.

“Where children and families heal and grow”

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Play is the universal language of children. They don't know how to talk to us about their troubles using words the way adults do. But they can show us what is going on in their lives through their play. In the safe and nurturing environment of the playroom, children will "play out" their difficulties using a wide variety of toys. My job as a Play Therapist is to watch what children do so I can understand their thoughts and feelings about their lives. Often very little talking happens in Play Therapy as children become absorbed in showing me their world through play. This is exactly what needs to happen. It's what allows me to discover what I need to know in order to help children heal and grow.'

I specialize in treating children and families who are dealing with issues related to: trauma abuse difficult life transitions such as divorce and adoption depression and anxiety acting-out behaviors

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• Individual, non-directive play therapy
• Family Play Therapy
• Filial Therapy
• Parenting Classes


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